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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nurturing - by The Word Pimpstress

I thought I would share some spoken word with all of you.  Yes I am the Word Pimpstress.  I have a few alias names besides Tangee and Lady Lava (my fire performing name) and The Word Pimpstress just so happens to be one of them. 

Once in awhile I'd like to share the many fragments of my creative mind with all of here goes:

By The Word Pimpstress

Sweet stares of bliss
are continuously bestowed upon you

Trickling tears of melodic joy weep from my heart
As I gently caress you in my arms

Intently observing each slight movement you make while dreaming…

The tender smile that lights up your face ~
makes me wonder what kind of happy dream is floating in your mind.

So content am I…
I could sit here for hours
Adoring you in your sleep slumber.

I get tickled when your little chubby hand
Gently rests upon my breasts
With what I like to call your adorable knuckle dimples.

Mmmmmm…I love inhaling your baby scent.

And I love this feeling…so connected are you and I

As you instinctively search for my breast to nurture you
I am also nurtured, as well.

Gratitude seeps from my pores.
The very essence of pureness is right here and now.
Of cuddled moments shared forever in my soul.