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About Made With EcoLOVE

When I was pregnant with my son, Andrik - my world had changed.  Although I was already very eco-friendly and "thought" I was pretty darn healthy - it was pretty miniscule compared to the mama I am today.  From the once in a blue moon quick stop to McDonald's to order fries to 100% organic foods, from collecting plastic containers to recycle and reuse them for leftovers to havng BPA-free containers and stainless steel storage systems because it's healthier for my family; to cloth diapering part-time in the beginning to fulltime cloth diapers and communicating with my son when he needs to go the restroom (called Elimination Communication); to buying biodegradable cleaning products to making my own biodegradable products (which is more cost efficient anyways).  To unconsciously buying presents for other parents' kids made from plastic and possibly lead-filled paint (before I was pregnant) to ONLY wanting to buy natural, wooden and bpa-free toys in our home, as well as for other parents children.  This list could go on and on but you get the gist. 

The more I learned about my conscious parenting choices, the easier it was to weed out all the "once satsifactory" items in our household and welcome products and items that aligned more with our eco-conscious lifestyle.  So the more I learned, the more passionate I became.  The more passionate I became, the more I felt the desire to share with other families.   

I wanted to create and role model a more natural, holistic and conscious way to live for my family.  I created this sacred sanctuary for those wanting the same thing for their families too.  Because my son was made from love, it only made sense to continue to learn about products and resources that are made with love that gives love back to our first mother, Mama Gaia.  Thus, Made With EcoLOVE was born.