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Monday, November 29, 2010

Silicone May Not Be As Safe As I Thought...

I know...I may seem a little confusing since my last post I had raved about the Kinderville silicone products.  Well, I thought I had done enough research on this product but apparently not.  A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine had sent a few mamas an email on our thoughts about the safety of silicone.  She had purchased the Kinderville set and was informed from someone else that silicone hasn't been tested for safety on children's products.  I was truly disappointed when I heard this because it just urks me when humans make things without testing them first!!  Sighhh...why do humans insist on doing this with products, vaccines, oh the list could go on and on.  I was also bummed (for lack of a better word) because I really did like this product and so did Andrik.  Not to mention the cost!  I paid a pretty penny to buy the bowls, cups, and storage containers.  But once I started doing further research on this, I could no longer turn a blind eye and am now in search of a safe, eco-friendly product for Andrik's eatery set. 

My friend who had sent the email had copied and pasted information from a woman's link.  When I did a google search on this woman, Annie B. Bond, I was very impressed and inspired by her website.  Annie B. Bond "has over 20 years of experience as a writer and editor about the connections between the environment, personal health and well-being." 

Now this is a woman that I would LOVE to interview on my blog one day - that's for sure!!  Note to self: I must manifest this somehow!  :o)

Ok back to the issue at hand...ah yes, silicone.  So after reading the information from my friend's email, I just couldn't go back.  It aches me everyday that goes by that I'm giving Andrik his meals in these bowls and allowing him to drink his almond milk or Moringa tea on a daily basis in those non-tested silicone cups!  So I must find a safer solution, FAST!

After reading Annie B. Bond's website, I also did some more searching and found similar information on Saf Baby.  So what now? 

Annie B. Bond did mention stainless steel.  Well it does make sense since I have read this is the safest and this is what our water bottles are made of.  Although she did mention it could leach nickel (which I believe can occur if there is a scratch or dent) which is nearly impossible to avoid with Andrik's fascination with throwing his cup, dishes and food onto the floor!  But at least I know it has been tested as safe.  But this makes me realize just now that I probably have to replace his stainless steel sippy cup that has several dents in it.  Note to self: must look into this with stainless steel and dents.  Sheesh isn't there a type of material out there that is 100% safe and eco-friendly for our children and our environment?  Sighhh...

So far, the following list is what I have found:

1.  Think Baby - a company that makes a stainless steel feeding system.  I like the fact that it has a feeding system set that provides lids for storing the food, as well.  And the price was fairly reasonable at $39.99 - I say this because of the fact they have lids which gives it an added bonus to the product.

2. Green Toys - the company that I LOVE which makes eco-friendly toys made from recycled milk jugs has a feeding system, as well.  The only downside to this is they don't have a storage system - at least not yet.

3.Sactus Mundo - I was actually very impressed with this website and what they had to say about Ethical Sourcing.  I am contemplating between this company and Think Baby.  In looking at their catalogue, it truly is a tough decision because their storage containers would not only be great for storing my son's food but just food in general but then again, the storage containers are sold separately from the dish set.  Yet going back to their ethical sourcing, it would definitely be a company that is in alignment with what my family believes in. Hmmm perhaps I will get the Green Toys dish set along with Sactus Mundo's storage containers...Sorry - just thinking out loud.  Oh and as side note, I found this website Life Without Plastic that sells the dish set for $27.95. 

4. Green Your - not only did this link provide a list of nontoxic and eco-friendly products (although some were questionable), it also had very good information on materials of baby food systems to look out for.

Well this is all I've got for now.  My eyes are tired from looking at this blinding screen and I think my brain has had enough of my anal-retentive researching ways for the night.  So I hope you find some insight and hope within this post and please don't take my word for it - do your own research, as well.  And if you find a product or company that you would like to share on my blog, I would be honored for you to write about it or let me know and I can write about it myself.

Take care and good luck on your child-safe and green journey!