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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chachi, The Epitome of Unconditional Love

I wanted to share a story with all my readers.  A story about the power of unconditional love and how this empowering feeling, if felt by every single being could shift what our world is today.  It would be a world where humankind consciously lives in harmony with all living things...treating animals and Mama Gaia with respect and gentleness.  We are moving towards this direction.  And the way we move towards it, is by doing what we can in our own all starts with us because in order to shift the consciousness of the way the world creates and lives, we have to first shift the consciousness of the way we create and live in our own lives.  So people say it may not make a difference and that the government makes all the decisions so why even bother doing anything.  But this just isn't the case - every little bit does count.  Just by making that conscious effort to recycle what we can, using our reusable bags when we go grocery shopping, and supporting eco-friendly products and companies, to name a few - the more that we create that bond with Mother Earth and all living kind.  This creates community and community is what I feel the world is truly reaching for, hungry for.

So here's my story about the power of unconditional love and how this beautiful emotion can bring community together.

Chachi's sweet smile
It is with great sorrow that today at around 12am, we had to put our beautiful girl Chachi to sleep.  It was a very hard decision but we just didn't want our pretty girl to suffer anymore.  It had been over a month that we were taking care of her.  From making homemade organic baby food (although Dalmacio didn't like calling it that - out of respect for Chachi so let me rephrase that - organic Chachi food) to eco-friendlier cloth pee pads that Dalmacio made (I just couldn't take another moment of using those disposable pads to add to our landfills) to exercising her to Daddy sleeping in the living room with Chachi for a whole month to be near her if she needed researching and giving her as much holistic & alternative medicines and therapies that we could, as well as giving her Reiki and Quantum Touch healings almost every night. To us, all of this wasn't a have-to, it was just what we believe in and wanted only the best for our daughter.  Yes, our daughter.  To us,  Chachi and her two cat sisters (Dartagnia and Star) are family.  And what beautiful family members they truly are.  Laurie Reyon, one of the pet communicators that we were honored to connect with said the most empowering thing to us.  That dogs are here to model to us humans unconditional love and that cats are here to model to us self-love.  Us humans can definitely learn alot from these special beings about this empowering feeling.

What began as a possible herniated disk (the actual cause still unknown) had crippled her hind legs.  Yet there was still hope, especially with the wonderful donation that the Ozzy Foundation had given to us to get Chachi her own wheel chariot from Eddie's Wheels.  But tonight was the night that we just knew...we just knew that the hope that she still wanted to stay in her snowy white vessel was getting too difficult to withstand.  Earlier in the day, I had asked Chachi to let us know whether she wanted to stay here (previously she kept communicating through the pet communicators that she wanted to stay) or if she was ready to transition to the Other side.   I had asked her to please make it clear to us what she wanted and what would be in her highest good.                                                                                      
This is how I like to remember our beautiful girl. Smiling and standing strong

Oh my sweet, sweet Chachi...she was the epitome of unconditional love...even with her protective growls towards some people that she didn't know too well, it was all just her trying to act like a tough girl to protect Andrik and myself.  She was all show and bark.  Oh but once Chachi got a full sense of your genuine energy, it was all over, she was nothing but ALL LOVE!   You couldn't get rid of her once you walked through that door.  :o)  Little do most people know is our cat Dartagnia is the Alpha of our house.  Whenever we would call Chachi over and she wouldn't come, it was most likely because Dartagnia was blocking the hallway and Chachi was too scared to pass by in case she would get swiped by Dartagnia's claws... It was actually quite funny seeing a 65lb Pitbull scared of a 10lb cat!

But even through the sleepless nights and this deep heartache, Dalmacio and I are in such deep gratitude.  We are thankful to Ramsey and Buzz for asking us to adopt Chachi.  We are so honored and still remember what Ramsey said over the phone: "we can't think of any better parents for Chachi than the two of you."  Such sweet words that echo in my heart now...thank you Ramsey and Buzz for entrusting us to create a loving home for her.

We are grateful to alot of beautiful souls.  For the continuous healing energy & monetary support from our family and loving support from friends...for Sandy Smith with her special gift to communicate with Chachi along with her reference to Evey Gold who consulted with us on natural remedies and for introducing us to two wonderful specialists: Pam Holt who gave Chachi the most relaxing massage ever and Suzanne Weed who gave Chachi Acuscope therapy the last 2 weeks of her life.  To Laurie Reyon for her spiritual insight and gift to communicate with Chachi.  To the Ozzy Foundation (as mentioned above) for their loving generosity to donate money to get Chachi a wheelchair.  To my friend, Renee Stonehocker from Capitol Drugs for her suggestions on homeopathics.  To Jennifer Kelly with her suggestions on essential oils.  To the wonderful staff at the Holistic Vet Center for their genuine support and care, as well as Veterinary Specialists of the Valley who also helped us throughout Chachi's health issues and for helping to elevate Chachi to her next transition.  To Dartagnia & Star for holding the healing space for their sister.  It was truly amazing that these beings who normally show self-love, gave unconditional love to Chach and gave her "sniff" kisses.  Star even slept out in the livingroom for the last few days to keep Chachi company at night (normally Star is next to my feet at night).

I know it's a long list of people to thank - just goes to show how truly uplifting it can be when we raise the vibration high, pay it forward and open ourselves to the support of community.  I also wanted to share this knowledge of amazing references who helped us through all of this.  Perhaps it could help someone else with their furry kids like it did with us.

My girl and I connecting
Oh Chach - I already miss you sooo very much.  I miss the nonstop kisses you'd plant on my face (or whenever I'd put lotion on my legs - always wondered what was the point when you'd lick it all off.  LOL).  And I miss the way you would always keep my feet warm when I worked at my desk...I miss your pink, pink belly and those genuinely sweet eyes of yours with the lil brown spot that covered your left eye...I miss that brown spot on your lower back that Daddy would always say was your "off" button but that you never turned off because you were just so full of life and energy.  I miss the way you would tear down the road as fast as lightning and zip on by us like a speeding bullet.  And to think you were still doing this a couple of months ago at the age of 10.  And most of all, I miss your unconditional loving heart.  You truly are the epitome of unconditional love.  Thank you Chachi for being here with us through thick and thin.  For being so, so patient and loving towards us and Andrik.  We'll never forget how you guarded the bedroom door as I gave birth to your little brother.  Thank you for being the protector of our home and the sweet, sweet soul that you are.  We know that you're vessel is gone but your soul still lives on and are here with us right now.   It is with great comfort knowing that our other two  beautiful kids, Jade and Sugar are waiting for you on the Other Side.

There's her "off" button on her back that never turned off :o)

Until we meet again, we love you.

Chachi giving "Peace"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Made With EcoLOVE Makes Headlines on Cafe Gratitude!

Salutations to my beautiful family and friends!  As you know, about a month ago, I started doing this awesome online playgroup with others on a book called The Abounding River.  And if you didn't know about me attending this playgroup, you can read all about its wonderfulness here.

I was so inspired by what was coming up in my life after joining the group that I emailed Cafe Gratitude to see if I could write about them in both my blogs because everything that they value is exactly what I believe in and the epitome of what the Family Love Village is all about (from conscious and holistic living to creating community to supporting a sustainable presence on planet Earth and much more). So once I got the excited approval to share what this wonderful community is all about from one of their Cafe Gratitude's writers, Karin Winter, I wrote away.

After I was done, I sent an email to Karin and gave her both links to the posts on both my blogs (which both were written slightly different to tailor to each blog).   If you'd like to check out what I wrote in the Family Love Village blog about them, check out Building Community).  I again thanked her for this opportunity to be apart of this creative, collective consciousness. 

About a week later, Karin wrote me back and mentioned that she had  featured both my blogs on their Friends of Gratitude page. When I read the newsletter, I was excited, humbled and honored with what they wrote.

Just thought I'd share with all of you.  Here's to an abundantly fruitful new year for all of us!

Much love, abundance & joy,

Your fellow eco-scout,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Made With EcoLOVE Has a New Logo!

I wanted to share some really exciting news with everyone!  First of all, I want to thank one of my dear friends and one of the villagers from my sister citizen organization (the Family Love Village), Ariel for his amazing talents with creating a new face for Made With EcoLOVE.  I am extremely happy with the new look and feel and hope that you like it too!  :o)

If you want to brand your business with extraordinary work, check out Ariel and his partners' website at: VujaDe Studios.  He also created a new logo for my sister blog: Family Love Village that I'm excited to share, as well!