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Saturday, January 16, 2010


So the lil one is now asleep with the big one (my hubby, Dalmacio)…the furry kids (our 2 tabby cats, Dartagnia and Star and our pitbull, Chachi) are settled in and I actually have a moment to continue welcoming you to my blog! :o)

Welcome everyone and anyone willing to read through my stuff. :o)

So what is “Made With EcoLove” you are wondering? Perhaps you would like for me to elaborate on this a little more now that I have some time to (because as we know from my first post, I didn’t really have a chance to and typing with one hand while holding Andrik in the other arm, just wasn’t happening). Andrik had other plans for ways for us to enjoy each other’s company (zerbert style)! :o)

I had this vision (and still do) of creating or perhaps co-creating a community of like-minded beings who are on the same journey of conscious eco-living, eco-creating, eco-being, eco-loving with one another and especially with ourselves. Yeeah…yeah…some friends may call me a hippy but I like to call it being conscious of our planet, of our humanity, of our relationship to animals/mammals, of our being-ness.

We are all made of the same stuff, same energy…it’s just a matter of being conscious to it and uplifting ourselves to a higher vibration in order to live a sustainable lifestyle so that we can help to re-build our natural resources and just live a more meaningful life…so why not now create a shift that is not only made with love but made with eco-love?! Because we all know when things are made with love, the outcome is so much better. Now imagine creating whatever it is you desire not only with your love and positive energy - add conscious earth-friendly spice to your recipe and it’s Heaven on earth - literally!

My biggest contribution and example to this is whom Dalmacio and I created together. Our son, Andrik Darius Pueblos. He was born in our home on January 26, 2009 at 5.33pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 8 ozs and stretched out to 20.5 inches.

Andrik is the epitomy of eco-love! Naturally brought into this world (yes Daddy caught him while mommy was squatting on the floor by the edge of the bed). Yes perhaps a little more visual than you were probably expecting but hey I’m gonna be all real here! So yes our home birth was very natutal, very primal yet VERY amazing and empowering!! As our midwife Elizabeth had said, I had triumphed with my birth. The reason why she used the word “triumph” is because first of all, Andrik was asynclitic (meaning his head was crooked going into my cervix which is why him and I had worked doubly hard with pushing), he was OP (he was face up instead of face down) and his umbilical cord was too short. All of these “triumphs” would’ve been a worse-case scenario if we would’ve had a hospital birth - meaning the doctors wouldn’t believe that a natural birth could actually happen with all these so-called “complications” a.k.a meaning they would’ve made unneccesary interventions and I would’ve had a c-section (not saying that there’s anything wrong with having a c-section when it’s absolutely necessary but this just goes to show that my triumphs if at a hospital would’ve gone down that path). And for sure everyone in the hospital would’ve been in a panick if they would’ve seen all the blood that I had lost after the midwives assisted with taking the placenta out. But because we were in the comforts of our own home and in really good hands with our spiritual midwife, Elizabeth and our technical midwife, Callie - we had the best of both worlds.

I just knew deep in my heart that God/Godess/Universe/Higher Source didn’t have Dalmacio and I together for 13 years and to finally have a baby after 3 years of “trying” that I would be leaving this planet after giving birth…there was just no way. I believed that everything was going to be ok (even though how painful it was having Callie’s hand in me checking for where I could be bleeding from. More painful than giving birth! Hey, I said I was gonna be real here) ;o)

Of course with chanting the Love’s Pathway (from the awesome book ”The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World” by Carnelian Sage) that my step-mom/Nona Tutti and my dad/Gdaddy, Bobby had taught me, helped a great deal. It was very powerful and surreal having me, Dalmacio, my mom and my sister all chanting the Love’s Pathway at the same time: “I am the full expression of God’s love. Just as God is love, so am I. I am LOVE.” Ahhhh the power of love and our minds…I was living proof of how powerful our minds can be in creating our own sicknesses (a by-product of fear) or wellness/health (stemmed from love). I chose love (and will continue to choose love) and because I chose love, I strongly feel helped to stop the bleeding.

So yes even with all my triumphs I would not change a thing about my birth…it was my own beautiful experience with my son which began our bond of strength and shall I say, eco-love!

So from being born naturally in the comfort of our home and 2 midwives along with my beautiful doulas (my mom/Nanna Dotti, my sister/Tia Vivi, our 2 cats: Dartagnia, Star and our pitbull, Chachi) to putting my placenta into freeze-dried pills (which gave me and Andrik plenty of nutrition and I hear it helps with post-partum depression) to cloth diapering (even down to cloth baby wipes and homemade baby wipe solution - ooh there’s a topic I’ll be blogging about!) to breastfeeding (which is very eco-friendly - no manufacturing/delivering costs needed with this one) to very soon making our own organic homemade babyfood (ooh yet another topic has flourished from this blog) to green, biodegradable animal cruelty-free products (which has been a staple in our family for a long time, even before Andrik was born)!! Now if Andrik ain’t made with eco-love then I don’t know what is! LOL

So this is just one example of things I’ll be blogging about - things or in this case, beings that are made/created/manifested for a higher consciousness of living and being on this planet…I may not always specifically share things that I’ve made with eco-love, but I will be sharing ideas, thoughts and perhaps highlighting others creations on my blog…

Again, welcome to my blog and I hope you come back soon…and now it is time to rest my sleepy eyes and go cuddle with my 2 favorite men. :o)

Good night and blessed dreams…


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