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Friday, February 26, 2010

11 Years and Counting!

This is going to be short and sweet (well, at least alot shorter than some of my other posts)...LOL

On Saturday 2/27/10, it will be our 11-year wedding anniversary!  WOWW!  This past Wed 2/24/10 marked 14 years that Dalmacio and I have been together in total.

We have definitely had a roller coaster of a ride but truthfully I wouldn't change a thing!  Not even us being separated back in 2003 because that significant year changed our lives forever!  Burning Man changed our lives forever!  That was the year that we both went for the first time.  Although we went separately we stayed at the same camp.  And let me tell you, we had such an eye opening and well could say heart opening experience! 

Now you wanna talk about ecofriendly - Burning Man is all about Leave No Trace!  For those unfamiliar with that term, basically all the treasures you bring with you camping should also be all the junk you take home with you, as well. 

Anyways, Burning Man isn't what I wanted to share here...although it was a turning point in our marriage for sure!  Not only our marriage but our creativity...Oh who am I kidding...I guess I will talk a little bit more about it (and yeah perhaps this post will be a little longer than I was planning but heck, that's the writer in me)...LOL

So where was I?  Oh yeah, creativity!  Attempting to make a long story short, seeing all those fire dancers out on the "Playa" ignited something within me (no pun intented) and I just HAD to learn to fire perform!  This was one thing I just KNEW and FELT in every fiber of my being that I wanted to experience...I announced it to myself, as if chanting an affirmation, out there in the middle of all that whooshing delight - that THAT was what I was going to do!  And sure enough when Dalmacio and I got home (and reconnected our love), I lured him into this fire craze and we were both hooked!

We co-founded a fire troupe called Inferno, Inc with our good friend Courtney St. Dennis (a.k.a. Raiden) and joined forces with several talented fire performers (Tedward, Bridget, Nick, Jokton, Jimmy, to name a few).  After a couple of years, Dalmacio and I ventured off on our own to create Volcano Flux

All in all, Dalmacio and I have experienced everything with one another (well besides travelling the world) but heck we did visit the homeland (the Philippines) and that was amazing!  And even though we've only gone to see one music concert together, gone to one museum, and less than a handful of art galleries - we have gone to some breathtaking art and music festivals to last a lifetime!  For instance the picture above, was at Burning Man 2005.  This was a special fire ritual called the Re-Birth of the Volcano.  This was an art expression of not only a celebration of renewing our love but a fertility ceremony.  Well as most of you know, 3 years later after all that trying (and then letting go of the "trying" and just being), finally came our Lil Munchkin. :o)

But I do have to say no concert, no museum, not even any art and musical festivals or travelling the world can top the experience of LOVE!  Sure, it may not always be easy - relationships take work!  Actually, let me rephrase that - relationships take the WILLINGNESS to make things work.  And no matter how many times Ego a.k.a. Fear (as my step-mom likes to call it "Edging God Out") gets in the way, Love opens her wings to cradle us in her Love has a little Angel (her name is Dr. Bratman) who has been our anchor and continues to guide us through Ego's bullcrap!  ;o)

Even after 14 years, travelling through our bumpy road, especially becoming sober, creating a beautiful lil soul - along with all the challenges of being sober and being new parents (at the same time), I can honestly say that my heart still skips a beat, my tummy still flutters from excitement, and my sexual drive for this amazing man still continues to grow!  No matter how many cracks have been created on this road, we have always been able to smoothe things through for ourselves and for each other.

Oh and did I mention how grateful I am that we both have embarked on this sustainable and positive, conscious parenting journey together?  I may have started us on the road to biodegradable, non-toxic and pet-friendly products 10 years or so ago but today it is definitely a harmonious partnership that we support each other on.  And for that I am eternally thankful for.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my lover, my confidante, my soulmate, the amazing father to our son and furry babies and my husband...I love growing young with you...


  1. You guys so inspire me!

    Congratulations on your anniversary and may I add: that baby is KEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  2. I know I've heard this story time and again but it never gets old! I'm soooo happy for you & Dalmacio sees! Have a beautiful masterful (11) anniversary!!! I love you all sooo much!!! Love & Muahs, Sees! =P

  3. Ahhh thank you for all the love! (I forgot to add something else in this post towards the end and had to put it in before I forget)... :o) OK back to my lil man and hubby..:o)

  4. Oh and yayyy thanks for joining my blog Da Bomb & Sees! Yayyyy! I'm so excited - I've got 12 followers so far...woohooo

  5. Thank you for sharing Tangee!
    I love you all sooo much and send you endless bleSSings and LOVE!
    Congrats on your Magnetizing and Manifesting such an amaZing Life!